Terms & Conditions

  1. Terms & Conditions

    1. Restrictions
      1.1. Age: Only individuals aged 21 years & above, at the time of the hire or purchase a motorcycle, and having a valid motorcycle driving licence (international driver permit in case of foreigners), can hire or purchase a motorcycle from Torq Rides.
      1.2.Geography of Use: The hired or purchased vehicle shall not be used outside India.
      1.3.Purpose of Ride: The hired or purchase vehicle should not be used for any race or competition, or to conduct any illegal act.
      1.4. Responsible Riding: The hired or purchase vehicle should not be operated in a negligent manner.
      1.5. Riders: The hired or purchase vehicle should not be permitted to be operated by any other person, unless there is written permission from Torq Rides.

      Advisory: It appears that the taxi and bike rental unions in Ladakh are currently not allowing non-local vehicles to travel to specific destinations. This situation is forcing tourists to rely on local cab operators. Due to these enforced restrictions by the local union, we recommend that our customers exercise caution when planning their travel to Ladakh. Torq Rides will not assume responsibility for any transactions with third parties, and no claims or refunds can be pursued in such cases.    
    2. Documents required
      2.1.For Indian citizens:

      a. Copy of original Driver license (Learner License is not permitted to hire any vehicle).
      b. Original Aadhaar Card (to be retained by us till the time the vehicle is returned).
      c. Employer’s details or LinkedIn Profile Link.
      d. Valid Post dated cheque endorsing ‘Not Over Rs. (motorbike’s depreciated cost)’. For example If the vehicle’s depreciated cost is ₹100, the endorsement will be for ‘ Not over ₹100′. (cheque should be from the hirer’s own bank’s saving account)

      2.2.For Foreign nationals:

      a. Photocopy of the valid Passport: Must have a validity of at least 6 months beyond the intended stay in India.

    3. Indian Tourist Visa: Citizens of multiple countries can now apply for an e-Tourist Visa online. This single-entry visa allows a stay of up to 30 days and should be acquired online prior to travel to India. Applications can be submitted as late as 1 week before the intended arrival date in India (processing time typically 36-48 hours).
    4. International Driving Permit.
    5. Photocopy of the return flight ticket.

    1. Security Deposit
      There is a Security Deposit, varying from Rs.3,000 to Rs.50,000 applicable to rent a motorcycle from Torq Rides. The Security Deposit is mandatory and has to be transferred before the pick-up of vehicle.

      Refund of Security Deposit:

    The Security Deposit is refunded via UPI, bank account transfer or PayPal payments only. There will not be any refund made in cash.

    The process to refund the Security Deposit can take upto 72 hours, though our endeavour remains to process the refund within 24 hours itself, in most cases.

    The refund of Security Deposit is subject to following deductions, if any are applicable:

    1. Fuel: You have to return the vehicle at the same fuel level as at the time of pick-up of vehicle. If the level is less than original level, there will be a penalty of Rs.500, plus an approx. fuel cost will be recovered from the security deposit.

      b. Damages & Insurance: In case there are scratches or damages on the vehicle, the cost will be recovered from your security deposit. In case of a major damage, your liability will be limited to your security deposit amount, and beyond that, we will use the vehicle insurance policy.

    2. Extra kms charge: Each vehicle, comes with a per day km. limit, which was part of your rental agreement, or buy-back purchase agreement. In case the limit is crossed, the applicable amount will be deducted from your security deposit.
    3. Traffic Violations: In case there is a challan or a fine for traffic violation during your possession of the vehicle, the same will be deducted from your security deposit.


    1. How are rental rates calculated?

    We follow 24 hours booking cycle. Beyond 24 hours, upto 4 hours, there will be an hourly charge, however, beyond 4 hours, a full-day rent is applicable.

    1. What is Convenience Fee?

    We charge a non-refundable convenience fee of 2% to 3% on the total billing amount for payments made through Net banking, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, UPI, and Wallets. This fee covers the costs associated with establishing, maintaining, and operating our online booking system, including charges paid to the respective payment gateway providers (which vary).

    Please note, this fee applies exclusively to bookings made through our website. No convenience fee is applied to direct payments, including IMPS, Google Pay, Paytm, or Cash transactions.

    1. Road-Side Assistance (RSA)

    Road-Side Assistance (RSA) is available for most scooters & motorcycles, at an extra cost. The charges are as follows:

    Scooters: Rs.19 per day

    Motorcycles (Upto 250cc): Rs.49 per day

    Motorcycles (300cc-500cc): Rs.99 per day

    Motorcycles (Above 500cc): Rs.249 per day

    1. Replacement Policy
      All our vehicles are maintained at Authorized Service Centres, and are checked periodically, on or before as prescribed by the manufacturer. However, despite our best efforts, these are machines, and prone to break-downs. As a reason for this, we strongly urge our customers to avail Road-Side Assistance, so that assistance can be provided in such unforeseen cases. However, should you choose to not avail the RSA, following will be applicable:

    7.1. In the event of any breakdown, damage, or loss of the rented motorcycle due to any reason, the customer shall bear the entire cost associated with the replacement, including but not limited to fuel, rider expenses, transportation of the broken-down vehicle, and any other related expenses.

    7.2. The customer must immediately notify Torq Rides’ customer service or designated contact in case of any breakdown, damage, or loss of the rented vehicle.

    7.3. Assessment and Authorization: Upon notification, the rental company will assess the situation and determine if a replacement motorcycle is necessary. The decision to replace the motorcycle will be at the sole discretion of the rental company.

    8. Insurance

    Third Party Vehicle Insurance: All vehicles come with Third-Party Vehicle Insurance, as is required under the Indian Motor Act.

    Comprehensive Insurance: You can buy comprehensive insurance, depending on your days of travel, for very nominal amounts. You can buy full cover options, or limited liability options, as convenient to you.

    Medical / Travel Insurance: We do not offer any Medical or Travel Insurance for the riders. Please do arrange for the same personally, before taking the delivery of the vehicle.

    1. Late penalties

    For any day bookings, we offer a grace period of upto 60 mins, in case you are getting delayed to return the vehicle. However, beyond 60 mins, late penalty charges, as applicable for the vehicle rented, will be charged on each passing hour.

    1. Refund & Cancellation Policy
      10.1.All confirmed rental reservations are non-refundable.
      10.2.After placing the order through our website, please allow us atleast 24 hr to check the availability with the opted store and confirm your order. In case of non-availability of the required model, we will initiate the full refund (merchant fee will be deducted) to the original payment mode. It may take upto 2 business working days to reflect the refunded amount in your original payment source.  
      10.3. No refund for cancellation of bookings post advance payment.
      10.4. If you wish to make any changes or additions in the original order, please note that the revised order payable amount should be equal or greater than the original order.   
      10.5. If Torq Rides cancels the booking due to break down, non-availability of the bike or any other reason, then we provide 100% refund of the rentals received.
      10.6. Torq Rides has complete authority to cancel your booking without giving any prior notice.
      10.7. There are no refunds for the early return of bikes, whatever the situation maybe.

      11. Buy back arrangement

    As per the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, 59 of 1988 Reference Chapter V – Point 75 Scheme for Renting Motorcabs. ( 1 ) the Central government may by notification in the official gazette, make a scheme for the purpose of regulating the business of renting of 48[ Motor cabs or motor cycles to persons desiring to drive either by themselves of through drivers, motor cabs or motor cycles ] for their own use and for matters connected herewith.

    This gazette awaits formal promulgation, till which time we rent the bikes under a “ Sale Deed Under Buy Back Agreement “ where we sell you the bike on a temporary basis, and on expiry of the rental period, buy it back from you by refunding the security deposit. None of the Delhi registered motorbikes will be provided with yellow commercial number plate!